• Pastor Lee recently shared how smoothly things were going at the Presbytery with a member, who suggested that Lee needed to get up at Presbytery Assembly and tell those assembled what I had shared. Here is the abbreviated story.

  • Walls stand in the way of connecting people, and they’re everywhere. This week, Pastor Lee has some thoughts about the way they interfere with our ability to live our Christian mission.

  • Time for God and for oneself is key to living a healthy life in Christ. But we forget that time off is just as important as getting things done. Rev. Lee reminds us that we all need rest.

Grateful For The Harmony

In a recent conversation with one of the members of this Presbytery, I shared how smoothly things were going.  As the conversation was concluding, the individual said I needed to get up at Presbytery Assembly and tell those assembled what I had shared.  So, here goes ….. abbreviated since I

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Where in the recent news have you read or heard about a wall?  Today, the news covers the activities around the wall on the Southern border of the USA.  Walls have been with us throughout history. Some remember the Berlin Wall which prevented people from freely moving between east and

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Validated Ministers Provide Important Service

Our vision and mission statement says we’re “connected congregations in deep discipleship to Jesus Christ.” We are more than that. We are also validated ministers which are also in deep discipleship to Jesus Christ. A validated ministry is any work that one of our minister members does which is outside

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Supporting Faith Formation at Home

Church leaders, are you looking for a way to support families and households in faith formation at home? We have an offer of FREE resources to support at-home faith formation with younger children! The Presbyterian Mission Agency is announcing a way to support faith communities in equipping households to engage

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A Forward-Thinking Outlook On

Living A Life In Christ

The church isn't a building or an institution. It is the people of the congregations that are the church, and the church must spread The Gospel as far as possible.

The children of God need to be cared for, no matter their lot in life. As servants of Christ, we are called to shelter them, nurture them, and provide spiritual fellowship to them.

We bring all members of the church into the sacred space of worship, allowing the Holy Spirit to move fully through the body of Christ.

The Divine Truth is available for all, but it is through interaction with it, discussion about it, and practical application of it that our lives are made whole through God.

Followers of Christ are called to serve their neighbors. Through "radical neighboring" we find the ways that the body of Christ around us is being underserved and offer what we can.

Christ called us to prepare the Kingdom of Heaven. God calls us to demonstrate what that looks like to the world through our actions.

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