• With the uptick in violence targeted at congregations nationwide, the safety of your congregation is likely a concern. On June 21, First presbyterian San Bernardino held a safety workshop. Pastor Sandy Tice recaps what they went over along with some next steps.

  • Many churches struggle with growth, be it in a new ministry or in the congregation as a whole. Pastor Lee has some ideas on how to reframe growth discussions so new ideas are easily introduced.

  • A man of many talents, Pastor Rob Stewart was inspired by Psalm 122 to compose this poem that expresses the joys of Easter and the Resurrection.

Keeping Each Other Safe

In response to the May shooting at Geneva Presbyterian in Laguna Woods, we invited our brothers and sisters in Riverside Presbytery to join us for a morning discussing security and safety on June 21.  We do not consider ourselves experts, but the mass shooting at the Regional Center in our

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Accepting New Ideas

“I’m not sure our members would like that.” During a recent discussion, this statement was made by a session member as we talked about a new direction for a church in the Presbytery.  I’m not sure our members would like that. Have you ever made that statement? Or has such a thought come

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Assembly Bill 506 Comes Into Effect; Congregations Look

Assembly Bill 506 became the law of the State of California on January 1, 2023.  It mandates that certain people who work with under 18 years of age children and youth are now mandated reporters of sexual and physical abuse and that all youth workers 18 years or over who

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Easter Joy – based on Psalm 122

Joy pours down upon us; And Gratitude wells up from deep within us when You say, “Come inside!” “Come into Holy Presence!” And now our feet stand within your Holiness, For we are planted within your goodness and peace. Now we take in the One Breath For we find our

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A Forward-Thinking Outlook On

Living A Life In Christ

The church isn't a building or an institution. It is the people of the congregations that are the church, and the church must spread The Gospel as far as possible.

The children of God need to be cared for, no matter their lot in life. As servants of Christ, we are called to shelter them, nurture them, and provide spiritual fellowship to them.

We bring all members of the church into the sacred space of worship, allowing the Holy Spirit to move fully through the body of Christ.

The Divine Truth is available for all, but it is through interaction with it, discussion about it, and practical application of it that our lives are made whole through God.

Followers of Christ are called to serve their neighbors. Through "radical neighboring" we find the ways that the body of Christ around us is being underserved and offer what we can.

Christ called us to prepare the Kingdom of Heaven. God calls us to demonstrate what that looks like to the world through our actions.

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