Healthy Pastors and Congregations Commission

Healthy Pastors and Congregations Commission

The Healthy Pastors and Congregations Commission (HPCC) is a name which makes explicit its purpose in its name. It is an administrative commission of the Presbytery, with delegated powers through which it may act with the full authority of the Presbytery, particularly between meetings of the Presbytery Assembly. All actions taken in behalf of the Presbytery shall be reported to and are subject to review by the next Assembly meeting.

In addition, the HPCC is particularly responsible to oversee the Sexual Misconduct Response Team (SMRT) and policy, and nominate the SMRT chair and team members. And the HPCC will partner with the Partners In Ministry Committee to deploy Holy Conversations Teams of three to meet every two years with congregational pastors and sessions about their ministries and resource needs, praying with and for them in their mission and ministry.

Healthy Pastors and Congregations Commission Documents

Name Version Last Modified
Healthy Pastors and Congregations Commission
   On Calling a Pastor
Use of Facilities
1.0 09-08-2020 8:54
Sexual Misconduct Prevention Policy
1.0 09-08-2020 8:56
Presbytery - HPCC Policy
1.2 10-12-2021 8:14
Policy Statement Worshipping Fellowship groups
1.0 09-08-2020 8:55
Policy for Worshiping Groups
1.0 09-21-2020 8:59
Pastoral Search Financial Checklist
1.0 09-08-2020 8:55
Pastoral Relationships Policy
1.0 09-08-2020 8:52
Pastor Minimum Salary Guidelines 2023
2.3 12-02-2022 10:53
Ordination-Installation Policy
1.1 12-08-2020 11:21
Ordination-Installation Plans
1.1 09-02-2021 8:48
Leave Policy
1.1 09-03-2021 10:07
Dissolution of Pastoral Relationships
1.1 01-06-2022 11:26
Covenant for Transitional Pastor
1.1 02-10-2021 12:39
Covenant for Temporary Supply Pastor
1.0 09-08-2020 8:50
Covenant for Stated Supply Pastor
1.0 09-08-2020 8:51
Annual Terms of Call
1.0 09-08-2020 8:54
2022 Pulpit Supply
1.6 07-08-2022 7:50

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