Commission on Preparation for Ministry

Commission on Preparation for Ministry

The Commission on Preparation for Ministry (CPM) is an administrative commission of the Presbytery, with delegated powers through which it may act with the full authority of the Presbytery, particularly between meetings of the Presbytery Assembly. All actions taken in behalf of the Presbytery shall be reported to and are subject to review by the next Assembly meeting.

The CPM is particularly responsible to oversee the Teaching Elder ordination process. In addition, the CPM is responsible to oversee the Commissioned Local Pastor/Commissioned Local Chaplain Policy and process.

Commission on Preparation for Ministry Documents

Name Version Last Modified Download
Commision on Preparation for Ministry
Reference Form for CLP or CLC
1.4 08-30-2022 9:36 Download
Procedure Manual for CLP and CLC
1.0 09-21-2020 10:35 Download
1.0 09-21-2020 10:34 Download
Endorsement Form
1.2 08-30-2022 9:32 Download
CPM Committee Check Request Form 2024
1.1 05-03-2024 11:34 Download
1.0 09-21-2020 10:32 Download
Application for CLP or CLC
1.1 08-30-2022 9:34 Download

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