Easter Joy – based on Psalm 122

Joy pours down upon us;
And Gratitude wells up from deep within us
when You say, “Come inside!”
“Come into Holy Presence!”
And now our feet stand within your Holiness,
For we are planted within your goodness and peace.
Now we take in the One Breath
For we find our Oneness in The Source of All.

This is the Time when each is welcome!
This is the Place where All Belong!
Giving You praise is our purpose,
the goal to which all hearts ascend.
And so we give thanks with our mouths, our hands, our hearts.
Singing a thousand names of the Nameless
we arise boldly, yet trembling, in the midst of Your Holy Justice.

We pray for Shalom and the well-being of all people everywhere.
We pray that all who love you will be well and that peace reigns throughout Creation.
For the sake of all that lives, we speak peace, we pray for peace, and we proclaim peace!

And for Your sake, from inside Your household of faith
We pledge ourselves to seek the good!
And for Your sake, across earth, sea, and sky,
We pledge ourselves to do justice!
And for Your sake, to heaven and beyond,
We pledge ourselves to love and serve you,
Our Source, Our Oneness, Our Joy!

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