Presbytery By the Numbers

Each year about 85% of our clerks of sessions fill out the statistical report for the Office of General Assembly.  It’s a two-part form that tells basic membership numbers (including additions and subtractions) and then goes on to break down the membership by age, Christian education participation, racial-ethnic composition, and finances.

Here’s what 19 of 26 responses yielded.

We have 2921 believers in our membership.  We have 407 “friends of our congregations” who presumably attend but have never confessed their faith.  1396 attend worship on an average Sunday.  Thirty-two were baptized in 2019 including 17 infants and children.

Hearing disability is our greatest loss with 328 reported have some hearing impairment.  We have 128 people who have mobility issues and the same number who have sight problems.  45% of us are over 70 and about 5% are under 25.

About 40% of our participants engage in some form of Christian education.  We have about 180 ruling elders on Session who receive training and about 400 of us engage in some form of adult Christian education.

Finally, we have 232 Asian/Pacific islanders/South Asians, 52 Blacks/African American and African/3 Middle Easterners, 112 Hispanics, 5 Native Americans, and 1788 whites.  10 members are multi-racial.

Numbers don’t tell anywhere near the whole story but they do give us an indication of who we’re reaching and are.  Special thanks to the Clerks of Session who track these things and the Sessions who approve the numbers.

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