Validated Ministers Provide Important Service

Our vision and mission statement says we’re “connected congregations in deep discipleship to Jesus Christ.” We are more than that. We are also validated ministers which are also in deep discipleship to Jesus Christ.

A validated ministry is any work that one of our minister members does which is outside a congregation’s life.

We have hospice chaplaincy (Scott Stolte, Narcissus Tucker Bishop), hospital work (Thomas Yu), a retired pastor writing a book on medical ethics (Will Eisenhower) and an industrial chaplain (Andrew Parnell).

Jon Berquist teaches and is providing pulpit supply for a distant church between pastors. Bill Roozeboom counsels and teaches. Noah Park and Esther Shin are mission co-workers with the Evangelical Church of Egypt.

It’s important to remember these servants. They serve away from the glare of the congregation. But they serve people in very meaningful ways.

Invite a validated minister to your congregation to share with you what they do 9-5. It will expand your vision of the kin-dom of God and expand your concern outside the work of your local congregation.

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